Is Your Head Full Of Weeds?

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Summer is a time of plentiful growth in any garden, park or forest. Trees, plants and flowers strive to soak up the sunshine and ultimately seek to spread their seeds far and wide to ensure future generations. Their habitat is amazingly diverse, with many species having coexisted side-by-side for centuries. However, as with everything in…

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Managers Measure, Leaders Feel.

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Not everything in life can be measured. Actually, many of the most wonderful things in life defy measurement entirely. Take the simple feeling of a warm summer’s breeze on your face on your walk to get your morning coffee fix – you can’t describe it, you can’t compare it, and you certainly can’t measure it….

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Why I Prefer “No” to “Maybe”.

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“No” is one of the smallest words in the English language, but it seems to me that we don’t say it anywhere near often enough. Life is complicated enough without being certain of where you stand, and people seem to concoct all manner of versions of “maybe / possibly / not yet” in order to…

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Becoming a “Leader” Isn’t The Answer.

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There are many people out there who want to become leaders. They read every blog with the word in the title, the read every business book going, and they practice their techniques on the minions at work, hoping one day to be seen as one of that rarest of breeds. Striving towards a worthy goal…

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Test The Chain Before It Breaks.

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How often do you test something to the point of failure? Life has a tendency of throwing a spanner in the works, but if you have already anticipated the consequences and have a plan to deal with it, you will be able to cope with most obstacles that come your way. A couple of weeks…

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Kids Make Great Coaches.

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There are all sorts of lessons out there for the professional with an open heart and an open mind. Many of the most insightful thoughts come from those without the slightest experience in business, and with total ignorance of the nuances of your situation. Often, these little people care deeply about your wellbeing and understand…

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Who Contributes To Your Life?

View Who Contributes To Your Life?

  Time to put yourself in some different shoes for a couple of minutes– shoes that may well have been yours without all the great people that make your life what it is. Think about all the people that care about you out in the world – your friends and family, your professional contacts, even…

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Daddy In Charge? Lead, Don’t Manage.

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You know that thing about kids not liking being told what to do? Well, I can testify to it from considerable personal experience. My wife has spent the past few months training for an Ironman Triathlon, so it has been exclusive “Daddy Daycare” time for my two young daughters and my son. This was far…

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Leaders Must Be True To Their Beliefs.

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True leaders fight for their cause. They put their flag in the ground, draw their battle lines and fight the good fight until they have achieved their objective. Those who step back from their dreams are those who never get there. Those who compromise won’t ever feel fulfilled. Once their willpower has been broken once,…

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Want To Be An Entrepreneur? Go Camping.

View Want To Be An Entrepreneur? Go Camping.

When you go camping, it strips you down to your essence. You have the goal of spending a weekend in harmony with nature, but somehow it never works out that way. The creature comforts of everyday life are left behind, and you have to find that innate survival instinct deep within you. You have to…

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Can You Be Too Passionate?

View Can You Be Too Passionate?

I’d like to think that I am a positive kind of guy and in general this is a good thing, but I also know that at times this can become slightly overbearing and my overflowing passions may have conspired to annoy rather than to inspire. I have understood that it is important to retain a…

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Don’t Forget To Live.

View Don’t Forget To Live.

I have a farming friend who told me that sheep and goats have been known to forget to perform certain vital bodily functions, thus causing their premature death. No offence is meant to the intelligent sheep, but the vast majority just stand there, day after day, staring vacantly into the distance. I suppose that you…

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