Do We Speak The Same Language?

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We all have an internal dialogue in our heads. Some of us listen to it, some of us ignore it, a few of us hate it, and many more are simply in love with it. Our thoughts “are” who we are – but it is all too easy to become absorbed in them and limited…

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Leaders Embrace The Pain.

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You may be an intellectual heavyweight, you may be the life and soul of the office, or you might have the influencing powers of a diplomat…. everything counts for nought unless you have the ability to handle hardship. I am not just talking about putting up with difficult times, I am suggesting that the true…

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No News Is Not Good News.

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Waiting for something sows doubt in the minds of all but the most patient of people. As a service provider, I am always acutely aware of the need to update my clients before they get to that point of doubt. The moment that they ask “how is it going?” is the moment that you know…

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Managers Measure, Leaders Feel.

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Not everything in life can be measured. Actually, many of the most wonderful things in life defy measurement entirely. Take the simple feeling of a warm summer’s breeze on your face on your walk to get your morning coffee fix – you can’t describe it, you can’t compare it, and you certainly can’t measure it….

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Why I Prefer “No” to “Maybe”.

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“No” is one of the smallest words in the English language, but it seems to me that we don’t say it anywhere near often enough. Life is complicated enough without being certain of where you stand, and people seem to concoct all manner of versions of “maybe / possibly / not yet” in order to…

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The Power Of Thank You.

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Whenever someone says those two words to me, a little tingle of satisfaction courses through me. I feel that I have made a difference. At the end of the day, that we what we are all brought into this life to do, in our own little ways. The Brits are well known for their almost…

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